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LA Mayor Unveils $9.6 Billion LAX Plan

Los Angeles mayor James K. Hahn has unveiled a proposal to modernize Los Angeles International Airport. The plan would provide more space for security by reducing the number of aircraft gates, and by banning most traffic from the terminal area. The plan was announced two days before the July 4th shooting at the airport’s international terminal.

If the plan is approved, it would be one of the most expensive public works projects in the United States, with a projected cost of $9.6 billion. In the plan, an elevated train would connect a new consolidated rental car facility, a new remote check-in building, and the central terminal area, which would undergo massive demolition and reconstruction. The plan calls for four terminals to be eliminated and replaced with new multi-level terminals that would provide more space for security, but would actually reduce the number of gates. The city would encourage airlines to spread service out to other regional airports.

This proposal is the 33rd plan presented for the modernization of LAX.

Kevin Lerner



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