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01/31/05  Sri Lanka's New "100 Meter Rule" Causing Concern Among Locals
01/27/05  Philip Johnson Dies
01/27/05  Preservation Groups Protest Aspects of Lincoln Center's Renovation Plans
01/26/05  Architect Ehrman B. Mitchell Dies
01/24/05  AIA Hands Out More Major Awards
01/24/05  Guggenheim Chairman Resigns
01/24/05  Cambridge's Architecture Department Saved
01/21/05  Behnisch, Behnisch Designing Ambitious Park in Las Vegas
01/18/05  Architect Hays Town Dies
01/13/05  Hadid Chosen to Design UK Architecture Foundation's New London Home
01/13/05  Stern’s Philadelphia Skyscraper Finally Moves Forward
01/12/05  Safdie Designing Third Project in Kansas City
01/12/05  New Yale Architecture Fellowship Features Clients as Teachers
01/11/05  New York's Javits Center Expansion Gets Green Light
01/11/05  GM's Renaissance Center Opens in Detroit
01/10/05  2005 AIA Honor Awards Announced
01/10/05  Young Architects Designing Memorial to Victims of Madrid Bombings
01/07/05  OMA Designing "Colossal" Redevelopment of Rome's General Market Area
01/07/05  Tsunami Rebuilding Effort Includes Many Organizations
01/07/05  Heritage Groups Inventory Tsunami Damage to Cultural Sites
01/07/05  British Architect Richard Feilden Dies in Sudden Accident
01/04/05  Feiner to Retire as General Services Administration's Chief Architect
01/03/05  Harvard and City of Boston Cautiously Moving Forward with Major University Expansion Plans
01/03/05  At 97, Oscar Niemeyer Completes Concert Hall in Sao Paolo, Brazil
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