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As the second anniversary of 9/11 nears, 14 jurors sort through 5,200 competition entries for a memorial. The events of that fateful day are still fresh in our personal and collective memories. Despite reports to the contrary, the public is as concerned as ever over what will finally be chosen to commemorate what took place.

The question of how all points of view can be represented persists. What do we as architects/designers/artists, and most importantly, witnesses to the catastrophic events of 9/11 feel should be embodied in the design of a memorial at the WTC site? What have we learned or what can we improve upon from the construction and design of past memorials?

We would like to illicit your responses to this tragedy and its memorialization and hear your thoughts on the issues raised by collective mourning and renewal.

Wishful Thinking, by Mira Schor
The only difference between the professionals and me is that my ideas... Read on.

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Posted 09/03