As U.S. educators and government officials continue to examine the quality of the nation's K–12 education, a growing number of astute communities and school boards are working with architects to develop improved learning environments. The “All American” review that follows explores eight of the country's most innovative projects, both public and private, ranging from a striking high-rise college-prep school in Chicago and a transformative factory-turned-design school in Baltimore, to a gently assertive elementary school building in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Light-filled and dynamic, each aims to raise the grade for a building type ready to graduate to a higher level. — Linda C. Lentz

Case Studies

Case Studies
We look at exemplary K-12 projects that use design to create better classroom spaces, improve performance, and shape school culture.

Pictured: Fayetteville Montessori Elementary School by Marlon Blackwell Architect; Photo © Tim hursley

SEED Class room

Modular Classroom Makeover
New designs for portable school buildings make improvements that are more than cosmetic.

Pictured: SEED Classroom; Photo © Sam Kittner

Aluminum Wall Panel System

Education Products
Designers and educators join forces to create a new classroom furniture system. Plus, a roundup of new building products for schools.

Pictured:Aluminum Wall Panel System; Photo © Mark Kemp, St. Louis

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