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Architectural Record Design Vanguard Architects

Architectural Record’s annual Design Vanguard issue brings together the architects who are already doing some of the most innovative work in the field and will lead the profession in the future. They are the firms at the forefront of design and the architects are the ones to watch.

Design Vanguard began in Architectural Record in 2000 with the intention of spotlighting the future stars of the profession. Vanguard architects are selected by a panel of professionals including deans of architecture and critics from around the country after they reviewed design portfolios.

Design Vanguard 2013

Design Vanguard 2013
Hailing from Europe, North America, and Asia, this year’s roster of emerging firms represent diverse backgrounds and attitudes toward design and the profession. But a few threads run through much of their work, even as the expressions vary greatly: complex layering, nature, engagement. Just a few years ago, “complexity” often meant convoluted forms generated by fancy new software. Today, it’s less obvious and emerges from a search for multiple meanings. It also flows from an interest in the rules of nature, which support a rich growth of ideas. Underlying most of the projects here is a sense of engagement—with the places and people served by these architects.

Pictured: Architectural Documentation Center and Lecture Hall; Photo © Roland Halbe

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Record Design Vanguard Past Issues

Now available online a 5 issue collection of RECORD’s Design Vanguard issues spanning 2003-2007.

RECORD’s Design Vanguard; annual selection of the world’s top emerging designers. With each issue RECORD finds a diverse group of firms that are committed to making architecture count.

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