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Salone del Mobile 2015

Salone del Mobile 2015
Architects and manufacturers take inspiration from the past at Milan's annual furniture fair.

Photo © Federico Ambrosi


Expo 2015 Milan 
Open since May 1, this tightly packed world's fair of architectural hits and misses runs through October 31.

Photo courtesy UKTI

Wizards of Weather
New tools for predicting the effects of climate change promise better-performing and more adaptable buildings.

Image courtesy Arup

Amnesia at Chartres
The controversial restoration of the interiors of a sacrosanct cathedral elicits a call to action.

Image © Alexander Gorlin

Stars War Over Chicago's Lakefront
The problem with the Lucas Museum? Not just the design but the planning and the politics.

Image courtesy Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

The Phantom Menace
MAD Architects' Ma Yansong has roiled the waters of Chicago's design scene with his proposal for George Lucas's museum. But does it really pose such a threat to the city's lakefront?

Image courtesy Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

The Blob that Ate Wilshire Boulevard

The Blob that Ate Wilshire Boulevard
Architect Peter Zumthor talks about the evolution of his design for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Image courtesy Atelier Peter Zumthor & Partner

The Big Squeeze

The Big Squeeze
As cities wrestle with an affordable-housing crisis, some people see micro units as one option to explore.

Rendering courtesy David Baker Architects

Stress and the City

Stress and the City
Urban centers find innovative solutions for housing their middle class.

Photo © TF Cornerstone

Obdurate by Design

Obdurate by Design
The difficult cause of willful buildings that demand heroic efforts to preserve.

Photo © Peter Mauss/Esto

Beyond Cubed

Beyond Cubed
Changes in office design give new meaning to "open plan."

Photo © Eduard Hueber

Frank Lloyd Wright, High and Low
New York's Museum of Modern Art offers a fresh look at the influential architect's ideas for skyscrapers and city planning.

Photo © Ezra Stoller/Esto

Bridge Over Troubled Waters
It's time for New York and other cities to connect urban planning to social equity.

Image courtesy Related Companies

RECORD Book Reviews

Book Reviews
RECORD weighs in on new architecture titles from surveys and monographs to history and theory texts.

Pictured: Le Corbusier: Ideas and Forms; by William J.R. Curtis (revised and updated). Phaidon, April 2015, 512 pages, $150.

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