Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest - 2014

Now in its fifth year, RECORD's Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest demonstrates there is still a passion for drawing within the architecture profession. RECORD received submissions that represent a wide range of architectural experience and background, from college students to long-practicing professionals. The nine winners, including a firm, were selected after a thorough evaluation process.


Winner Registered Architect

David Fox
David Fox has devoted his career to the study of architectural drawing. He has taught at the University of Tennessee College of Architecture and Design for 20 years and recently completed a Fulbright Scholarship in Krakow, Poland, where he focused on the relationship between analog drawing, digital design, and architectural pedagogy. His winning sketch was partially inspired by his experience designing a chapel as an employee in the practice of E. Fay Jones. However, the drawing also represents Fox’s belief that sketching and developing an architectural concept must come before computer modeling. “The poetry cannot be an afterthought or occur at a midpoint,” he tells his students. “It must originate from inception.”

Winner Non-Registered
Winner, Non-Registered Architect

Roland Escalona
Roland Escalona’s sketch was, without exaggeration, a lifetime in the making. “I grew up in Manila, the Philippines,” said Escalona, “where shanty housing is part of the landscape.” The memory of that landscape stayed with the young architect and was the subject of his B.Arch. senior thesis at the University of Southern California. The idea for the sketch struck him when he came across his old thesis and reimagined that dense landscape using the meticulous precision of photographic mosaic, one of his artistic hobbies. Escalona recounts that “the image of shanty living was stuck in my mind.” But now that landscape has been distilled by hand for us to interpret.  

Best Firm
Vess Dimitrov

RTKL Associates
Our jury was consistently impressed by the quality and creativity of the sketches submitted by designers at RTKL Associates in Los Angeles. 


Runners-Up Registered
Off-Beat Entries

Submissions from Registered Architects
Though they didn't win the top prize, these napkins were nevertheless noteworthy. 

Runners-Up Non-Registered

Submissions from Non-Registered Designers
Though they didn't win the top prize, these napkins were nevertheless noteworthy.

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