Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest 2014
Drawing by David Fox

Now in its fifth year, RECORD's Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest demonstrates there is still a passion for drawing within the architecture profession. RECORD received submissions that represent a wide range of architectural experience and background, from college students to long-practicing professionals. The nine winners, including a firm, were selected after a thorough evaluation process.

Drawing by Gregory Klosowski

For the fourth year of its Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest, RECORD was again flooded with hundreds of reader entries. Contestants represented firms from coast to coast and from a variety of occupations within the field of architecture, including principals, designers, students, and interns. The competition was stiff and our staff jury pored over every drawing to handpick the top designs.

Cocktail Napkin Sketch

Drawing by Zeljko Toncic

If you are a licensed architect or related professional who practices in the United States, you can enter this remarkable contest. All you need is a white cocktail napkin and pen to demonstrate that the art of the sketch is still alive. Two grand prize winning submissions will  be published in the September issue of Architectural Record and winners will receive a box of napkins with their sketch printed on it. Winners and finalists will be seen in our online Cocktail Napkin Sketch Gallery.

Cocktail Napkin Sketch

Drawing by Jim Dawkins

Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest 2011
Because of the enthusiastic response to the cocktail napkin sketch contest initiated a year ago, RECORD decided to do it again—not so much to encourage downing martinis as to honor the impulse to draw in a digital age. This year the jury of editors evaluated more than 1,200 napkins from nearly 400  entrants. With so many submissions, RECORD decided to select winners according two categories— professional architects and nonprofessionals (architectural students, designers, and others).

Drawing by Truc Dang Manh Nguyen

Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest 2010
After being deluged with 1,322 cocktail napkins bearing sketches from 352 architects and architecture students, ARCHITECTURAL RECORD’s jury of editors has determined the winner of its first annual Cocktail Napkin Sketch Contest.

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