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Paul Brown Stadium
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Photography © Tim Griffith Photographer

A stadium serves as a centerpiece of community development

—Tim O'Brien, V.P., Real Estate, Ford Motor Company

NBBJ www.nbbj.com; Glaser Associates (associate architect)

Cincinnati Bengals www.bengals.com

Key Player(s)
Arup (structural); Flack & Kurtz (mechanical, electrical); Acoustic Dimensions (acoustics)

Additional Reading
BTS: Places of Leisure, 05/02

Program: The client owned a professional sports team whose existing home facility in Cincinnati was among the smallest and least financially viable in its league. Retrofitting the old stadium was ruled out, so a new one was proposed that would meet current operational and economic needs, provide flexibility to accommodate future changes, and be architecturally significant, serving as a cornerstone of the city's economic and community well-being.

Solution: A team consisting of the client, their government partner, the construction manager, and the architect worked closely together over a two-year period leading up to construction. The remarkable building that resulted from this process provides the functions necessary to support events of all sizes, accommodates the team's year-round programs, and includes offices for the owner. The design incorporates 116 suites and six party suites, as well as a number of clubs, which serve as spectacular gathering places for the hundreds of events hosted each year. Sight lines within the 67,000-seat stadium are excellent, and there are no bad seats. Visible from afar, the stadium's striking cantilevered, steel-structured roof, clad with translucent fabric that covers the upper deck, is visually awesome.

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