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Ing Direct
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New York City

Photography © Hedrich Blessing

A trendy internet café entices new bank customers

Gensler www.gensler.com

Ing Direct

Key Player(s)
Marino Gerazounis & Jaffe Associates (engineers); CIC Construction (general contractor); Showorks (audio-visual consultant)

In an effort to be noticed, ING Direct entered the competitive U.S. banking market with an innovation: In their first Midtown Manhattan bank, they replaced the expected row of tellers with an upbeat café staffed by trained bankers and featuring coffee, soft drinks, and food, with free Internet access, newspapers and magazines, and branded merchandise in a modern, trendy setting. The scale and feel of the café and the colorful neon orange exterior draws potential customers inside. The success of the approach is measurable—in the first quarter of the year business grew from $4 billion to $7 billion. Underlying this achievement is a highly effective relationship that evolved between client and architect.

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