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The 9th annual
BusinessWeek/Architectural Record Award

Submission deadline is May 15, 2006

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The editors of Architectural Record and BusinessWeek announce the 9th annual BusinessWeek/Architectural Record awards program. After a year’s absence, we have simplified the process of entering, yet we retain the program’s distinguishing emphasis on exceptionally designed work that makes a contribution to the business aspirations of a given company or institution. Recipients will be featured in the November 2006 issues of Architectural Record and BusinessWeek magazines, read by over 5 million business and design professionals.

In our culture, the value of design has become increasingly important to the public, corporate executives, and decision-makers. Organizations use architecture and design to market their products and services, illustrate their commitment to sustainability and/or a culture of design, and attract qualified personnel, giving them a healthy and attractive environment to work in. Good design can help a company do its job better and can help it redefine itself. This program honors the architects and clients who best utilize design to achieve such strategic objectives.

Describe your project in terms of these aspects and detail the measurable benefits, which could include increased productivity, alternative work practices, creating a new corporate or institutional image, changing a culture, or developing new work tools through design in a narrative submitted with the entry. Either a client or an architect can submit a project for consideration.

A jury composed of editors of both magazines and distinguished business and professional leaders will review entries.

The cost to enter is $125. Please make checks payable to Architectural Record magazine.

The submission form is below. Entries must include photographs (prints or high quality color copies), simple presentation plans(s), and a project description firmly bound in an 8.5-by-11-inch folder, postmarked no later than May 15, 2006. Please provide two copies of the plans and images in high resolution (300 dpi, 4 by 5 inches minimum) on CD with accompanying thumbnails that match the images on the CD. Projects need to be completed within the last four years. Anonymity is not necessary. Entrance is open to any architect registered in the U.S. or abroad. Projects should not have been published before in the international architectural press.

While the focus of the program is on projects within the business community, other organizations will be considered, where a project advances an institution’s business goals.

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Submission Form
Name of architect: ____________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________
Phone:  _____________________________
Contact person ______________________________________________
E-mail address of contact person _________________________________
Name of submitting firm ________________________________________
(If the submitting firm is not the architect, please provide the same information asked above.)
Name of project ______________________________________________
Location of project____________________________________________
Signature __________________________________ Date_____________
Print Name __________________________________________________

Submission should be mailed to:
Jane Kolleeny
BusinessWeek /Architectural Record awards program
2 Penn Plaza, Ninth Floor
New York, NY 10121

If you have any questions, please email Jane at: Jane_Kolleeny@mcgraw-hill.com