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Apple Stores 2003—7
Apple Stores 2003—7
Peter Bohlin
New York City
Apple has commissioned BCJ to design several stores, among them the flagship Apple Fifth Avenue (right) and Apple Upper West Side (below). Apple Fifth Avenue, the company’s busiest store, is a precision-engineered transparent cube. Mullion-free glass walls rise 32 feet to meet an all-glass roof with an almost invisible joint. The roof, of fritted insulating-glass panels on thin metal purlins, seamlessly incorporates lighting, sprinklers, and security systems. A spiral glass staircase effectively draws shoppers from the cube down to the store. Blonde maple floors, blocky wood display tables, and modular ceilings create a recognizable image for the brand. For their latest store on the Upper West Side, the architects carried over some of the same language, creating a grand, glassed-in main floor with a glass spiral staircase leading to more products below ground.
Photo © Peter Aaron/Esto

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