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Albert & Associates
Biloxi, Mississippi
Built originally in 1852, this genteel mansion in Mississippi was home to a series of owners, including the onetime president of the Confederate States, Jefferson Davis. After his death, the Sons of Confederate Veterans took ownership of the house, which the organization holds until this day. Named a National Historic Landmark in 1973, the building underwent a series of renovations and restorations over the years leading up to Hurricane Katrina, which practically destroyed the house. In 2005, using both donations and funds from FEMA, Albert & Associates set about returning Beauvoir to its past glory. After an extended exploration and research, a number of buried details from the house’s past were uncovered, such as the expert faux grain finish on doors, and the trompe l’oeil paintings on many of the ceilings. Other improvements, including a stronger structural base and HVAC and electrical work with minimal visual effects, bring the structure up to date.
Photo © Mississippi Department of Archives and History

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