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Brochstein Pavilion
Brochstein Pavilion
Thomas Phifer and Partners
Houston, Texas
This 6,000-square-foot square pavilion on the campus of Rice University is essentially a single room that holds a café. But, as noted in record [March 2009], its architecture goes beyond its modest intentions, following “a Classical model without resorting to historicist pastiche. It is a temple, albeit one that evokes a Texan, or Southern, vernacular.” The building features a canopy of white louvers that create an expansive porch around the structure. The interior is a classic Modernist open plan, with the coffee kiosk in the middle, and a lounge placed behind the building’s service core. Rice University president David Leebron describes the pavilion as "a place to exchange ideas and be inspired by your surroundings."
Photo © Scott Frances

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