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From a tiny chapel that contemporizes traditional style to high-rise megastructures monumentalizing Western culture to houses celebrating the simple virtues of nature, 16 winning projects provide examples of stunning design. Architecture jury chair Adrian Smith, FAIA, describes the projects as diverse in typology, scale, context, economic means, and materiality. Common themes include energy conservation, cultural relevance, client identity, clever use of materials, and seamless integration of building services and structural systems into the fabric of the architecture. In this year’s AIA Honor Awards program, young emergent talent and mature repeat winners join together in demonstrating that architecture is alive and well in every generation. –Jane F. Kolleeny

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Seaside Interfaith Chapel, Seaside, Fla.
Merrill and Pastor Architects
This charming chapel transforms the town of Seaside from an experiment in New Urbanism into a community.

Photo © Casey Sills Photography

The Brain, Seattle
Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects
Aptly named The Brain, this film studio provides office, darkroom, and library space so the owner, a filmmaker, can use it as a retreat from his adjacent residence to think and create.

Photo © Mark Darley/Esto

The Point House, Rural Mont.
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Superbly sited on a secluded peninsula that extends into a large Montana lake, the house establishes a dialogue between land and water.

Photo © Nic Lehoux

Chicken Point Cabin, Hayden Lake, Idaho
Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects
This lakeside shelter has a large window wall that literally opens the entire living room to the woods and lake beyond.

Photo © Benjamin Benschneider

Center of Gravity Foundation Hall,
Jemez Springs, N.Mex.

Predock_Frane Architects
This new, 3,000-square-foot meditation hall serves as the primary teaching and practice space for a Zen Buddhist compound.

Photo © Jason Predock

Northeastern University West Campus Residence Halls, Boston
William Rawn Associates
Establishing these three new residence halls to accommodate 1,000 students helps fulfill the university’s transformative vision of invigorating its threatened urban presence.

Photo © Steve Rosenthal

Steelcase - Project MAC, Gaines Township, Mich.
Thomas Phifer and Partners
To accommodate an accelerated construction schedule, the architect used prefabricated components to build this two-story spec building.

Photo © Jon Miller / Hedrich Blessing

Salt Lake City Public Library, Salt Lake City
Moshe Safdie and Associates
This new, $78 million library features a five-story administration block next to a triangular main building for the book stacks, with a glass-enclosed public Urban Room and adjoining piazza serving the city. Additional web coverage.

Photo © Tim Hursley

DoMa Gallery, Baltimore County, Md.
W Architecture & Landscape Architecture
Two art collectors transformed a historic farm into a place to entertain, live, and display their growing contemporary art collection. [RECORD, July 2003, page 126] Additional web coverage.

Photo © Alan Karchmer/Esto

Taghkanic House, Hudson, N.Y.
Thomas Phifer and Partners
Sited high on a knoll at the edge of the woods, this house emerges dramatically as a pavilion of steel and glass set on a plinth. [RECORD, April 2003, page 140] Additional web coverage.

Photo © Scott Frances

Los Angeles Design Center and Cisco Brothers Showroom, Los Angeles
John Friedman Alice Kimm Architects
Restoring this furniture design center in South Central Los Angeles kicks off a plan to revitalize the depressed area, home to many of the city’s furniture manufacturers. [RECORD, July 2003, page 142] Additional web coverage.

Photo © Benny Chan / Fotoworks

Deutsche Post, Bonn, Germany
This modern and sustainable office tower consists of two crescent-shaped halves separated by an atrium and rising around a series of nine-story sky gardens, which serve as communication floors and elevator crossovers.

Photo © Andreas Keller

Telenor Headquarters, Oslo, Norway
This complex of open public spaces, enclosed semipublic spaces, and private atrium living rooms supports flexible workstations. [RECORD, May 2003, page 222] Additional web coverage.

Photo © Tim Griffith

Skybridge at One North Halsted, Chicago
Perkins & Will
An icon for urban living in Chicago, this mixed-use project incorporates practical community amenities with an elegantly articulated residential tower. [RECORD, May 2004, page 136] Additional web coverage.

Photo © Steinkamp/Ballogg

State Street Village, ITT, Chicago
Sited across from the college’s main quadrangle and Mies van der Rohe’s legendary Crown Hall, this student residence conveys a clear response both to the urban context on one side and the campus on the other. [RECORD, May 2004, page 130] Additional web coverage.

Photo © Doug Snower

Bayer, Leverkusen, Germany
This semi-elliptical office building engages a park forming an interior courtyard; the opposite street side features a pergola over the transparent main entrance.

Photo © Roland Halbe

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