A beautifully adapted 50s modernist hotel with a very intimate pool deck and courtyard - a great place to unwind from the onslaught of CES courses. —Mark McVay, SmithGroup

—Hadrian Predock, Predock_Frane

—Julie Eizenberg, Koning Eizenberg

Interesting design, very nice place. —Lorcan O’Herlihy, Lorcan O’herlihy Architects

Bonaventure Hotel

—Mark McVay, SmithGroup

Chateau Marmont

Everyone’s favorite hotel in LA. And they serve lunch at any time of the day. —Alison Berger, glass artist/architect

The Mondrian

—Mark McVay, SmithGroup

Bel Air

One of my favorites for design, atmosphere, and urban planning. —Greg Lynn, FORM

Beverly Hills Hotel

I love all the classics. —Robin Perkins, selbert perkins design collaborative

Standard, Downtown & Standard, Hollywood

A great place to have a drink! —Julie Eizenberg, Koning Eizenberg

—Mark McVay, SmithGroup

The downtown Standard, because it brought nightlife towards downtown. —Florencia Pita, fpmod


Best renovation—the views and the cabanas poolside are not to be missed. —Mark McVay, SmithGroup

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