America's Top Architecture Schools 2014

Once again, it's time for “America's Top Architecture Schools”—RECORD's annual presentation of the top 10 undergraduate and graduate programs, compiled by Greenway Group, a management consultant to the architecture, engineering, and construction industry. Rankings are based on perceptions of leading U.S. practitioners regarding their most valuable hires, and are supplemented by other findings from Greenway, such as key issues facing educators today. Increasingly the data are recognized as crucial to prospective students, who invest substantial time and money to secure an architectural education in today's world.

A separate report, “Border Crossings”, highlights the diverse directions architecture educators are taking in meeting the profession's new challenges. Schools are radically expanding their emphasis from form to working with design-build approaches, and extending the reach of architectural problem-solving to the larger community. More architecture programs, both graduate and undergraduate, are initiating studios abroad—not just in Italy or Spain but in China, India, and Cambodia, to mention a few. Some students work with practitioners overseas; others travel to rural communities to help solve social problems through design, planning, and hands-on construction. In this evolving scenario, digital tools are a given: research and experimentation in architecture schools are becoming more sophisticated, with robots and 3-D printing taken for granted. New methods of designing, plus the ability to devise alternate solutions and try unexpected approaches are needed by tomorrow's practitioners. Will they be ready for the rapidly changing demands facing architecture?

Americas Best Architecture_Schools/2013/Americas_Best_Architecture Schools 2014

Americas Best Architecture_Schools/2013/Americas_Best_Architecture Schools 2014

America’s Top Architecture Schools 2014
RECORD presents this year’s rankings compiled by Greenway Group, along with related findings of interest.

Interview with James P. Cramer
James P. Cramer is founding editor of DesignIntelligence and cochair of the Design Futures Council. He is also chairman of Greenway Group, a management consultancy. Here, he offers additional insights and commentary on the DesignIntelligence rankings.

Architecture Student Survey
This year, 2,760 students responded to DesignIntelligence's questions about their satisfaction with their education in 70 schools.

Photo © Alex Jacque/Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning (top); Photo © Chris Morgan (bottom)


Border Crossings

Border Crossings
Architecture schools are applying innovative educational models that foster new ways of thinking and challenge the role of the profession.

Photo courtesy UCLA Architecture and Urban Design

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