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Women In Architecutre Now
Photo © Halkin Mason Photography
Design from Farm to Table
Chefs once plied their trade behind the scenes; today they’re at center stage, celebrities even—sometimes with their own reality TV shows. In the years since the open kitchen became standard fare, the production and preparation of food have grown into cultural obsessions, and design has played an important part. The projects featured here, from a cow barn in upstate New York to a winery in Tuscany, all reveal and elevate various steps in the food cycle, from fields to farmers’ markets, kitchens to plates. With smart designs and joie de vivre, they collectively present a snapshot of food’s role in contemporary culture.
Dining by Design

Dining By Design
Restaurants, bars, and cafés have long shaped the character of neighborhoods, cities, and entire cultures, but in recent decades, architecture took its place alongside the cuisine as a defining feature of a meal. Now, as chefs reach for local ingredients in their craft-focused cooking, designers are creating a new idea of authenticity with their food-focused spaces.

Photo © Chris Kudrna

Urban Oases

Urban Oases
Projects from mobile markets to full-on farms are greening America's food deserts.

Photo © Will Crocker

Welcome to the Animal House

Welcome to the Animal House
Designer shelters for the birds and the bees elevate our view of food production.

Photo courtesy Nogg

County Fare

County Fare
From a farmers' market to a barbecue pit, four food-related projects from RuralStudio serve an Alabama community.

Photo © Timothy Hursley

Sokol Blosser Tasting Room by Allied Works Architecture

First Look: Sokol Blosser Tasting Room by Allied Works Architecture
Allied Works Architecture’s tasting room for the Sokol Blosser Winery, nestled in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, is a low-profile building with a complex flavor profile.

Photo © Jeremy Bittermann

Stella 34 Trattoria

Stella 34 Trattoria
Studio V Architecture
New York City
Miracle on 34th Street: Macy’s Herald Square has opened a new restaurant, which the venerable emporium plans as being a destination dining spot.

Photo © James Ewing

Teaching Dairy Barn

Teaching Dairy Barn
Erdy McHenry Architecture
Ithaca, New York
The Cows Come Home: At Cornell University, an elegant facility supports hands-on veterinary medicine and a very happy herd.

Photo © Halkin Mason Photography

Cantina Antinori

Cantina Antinori
Archea Associati
Bargino, Italy
Under the Tuscan Sun: A Florentine firm blends tradition with innovation for the headquarters of a centuries-old winemaker, deep within a vanishing point in the hills of Chianti.

Photo © Leonardo Finotti


Jensen Architects
Healdsburg, California
The Modern Grange: A San Francisco firm turns a workaday agricultural building into a gleaming display case for locavore living.

Photo © Mariko Reed

Pearl Brewery

Pearl Brewery
Lake|Flato Architects
San Antonio
Lone Star Revival: A local developer has spent more than a decade converting an old brewery into a mixed-use complex where food is the main draw.

Photo © Casey Dunn

Workshop Kitchen + Bar

Workshop Kitchen + Bar
Palm Springs, California
A Temple to Good Taste: A design team embraces a building's Colonial roots while infusing the restaurant inside with a new flavor of tempered minimalism.

Photo courtesy SOMA

Craftsman + Wolves

Craftsman + Wolves
Zack | de Vito Architecture + Construction
San Francisco
Tough Cookie: A new bakery forgoes the soft, sweet approach for a moodier sensibility.

Photo © Bruce Damonte

Urban Agriculture Grows Up

Urban Agriculture Grows Up
A wave of rooftop greenhouses and vertical farms captures the imagination of architects while offering an alternative to conventional cultivation methods.

Rendering courtesy SOA


What's Cooking

What's Cooking
Our latest product roundup includes everything and the kitchen sink.

Photo courtesy Duravit

Cathleen McGuigan

Food for Thought
With good design as a key ingredient, contemporary culinary culture is having a big impact on neighborhoods, cities, and towns.

Photo © Michel Arnaud

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