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Since you were a part of the Design Vanguard, what has changed for your firm? Listen>>

How have your design sensibilities changed since that time? Listen>>

What future goals/plans do you have for your firm? Listen>>

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Pictured: House on the Edge of a Forest; Photo © Steve Hall / Hedrich Blessing

We first featured Chicago-based architect John Ronan in 2000, as part of our inaugural Design Vanguard. At that time, Ronan told us he saw his firm continuing to concentrate on materials, keeping his team small, and working only on two or three projects at a time to allow him to really consider each project's program and focus on the particulars. How the times do change. While materials and program remain a top priority for Ronan, his firm has more than doubled in size in the past five years. Where once he was designing mostly residential and some mid-sized commercial projects, he's now moved to the two opposite extremes: focusing on the very small (furniture), and the very large (multifamily housing and a masterplan for a developed community). His path may not be quite as he had imagined it would be six years ago, but as his opportunities have changed and grown, his work has matured and his design sensibilities adapted. Who knows what the next six years will bring?

Date established:

Design staff:

John Ronan

Harvard (1991), Michigan (1985)

Work history:
Kruek and Sexton Architects, Tigerman Fugman, McCurry Architects (now Tigerman McCurry Architects), Lohan Architects

Key completed projects:
Gary Comer Youth Center (2006), Akiba-Schechter Jewish Day School (2005), concrete Townhouse (2005), House on the Edge of a Forest (2002)

Key current projects:
Yale Steam Laundry, Washington D.C.
Perth Amboy High School, Perth Amboy, N.J.
House on the Lake, St. Joseph, Mich.
Chicago Square, Hamburg, Germany
Lock Rum Villas, Anguilla, BWI
Long Bay Villas, Anguilla, BWI
Garden House, Chicago Ill.
Accessible House, Glencoe Ill.
South Caicos Masterplan, South Caicos BWI