This Month's Editorial
Cathleen McGuigan  

A Primer for School Design in the 21st Century
A modernist icon that married architecture and pedagogy remains influential today.

Photo © Michel Arnaud





A Primer for School Design in the 21st Century



December   When More Is Less
November   Big Ideas on Campus
October   On the Cover: City Life
September   Honors for Women
August   But Is It Art?
July   Modernism in the Rearview Mirror
June   Ethics and Architecture
May   Transformations
April   How We Live, Now and in the Future
March   Supersize It
February   R.I.P., Folk Art Building
January   Shouting the Praises of Quiet Design



December   Think Global, Act Local
November   Design, Technology, and the City
October   Change Agent
September   A View with a Room
August   Summer in the City
July   Food for Thought
June   Let's Talk About Sex
May   MoMA, Inc. Plans to Crush Williams and Tsien’s Gem
April   Awards All Around
March   A Roof of One's Own
February   Champion of New and Old
January   The Best for the New Year



December   The Naked City
November   Innovation at Every Scale
October   American Cities: The Next Chapter
September   Inside Job
August   Africa Today and Tomorrow
July   Design in the Present Tense
June   Lessons from London
May   Designing Women
April   House Proud
March   Architecture for Everyone
February   Back to the Future
January   Picture Perfect



December   Express Yourself!
November   Born in the U.S.A.
October   The Apple of Our Eye
September   Views of the City
August   Modern Medicis
July   Back to Basics
June   A New Perspective
May   Being There (Virtually)
April   Domestic Seduction
March   No Exit: Manhattan's Black Hole
February   From the Promenade, Part Two
January   Still Standing: The Architect in 2011



December   A Book to Dive Into
November   Staying on Board in 2011
October   Coming to Life
September   Competition for Ideas
August   Scraping the Limits
July   The Design Vacuum
June   Creating a Culture
May   The Architecture of Growth
April   Biomania
March   Emerald City
February   Aftershock
January   Through the Looking Glass
    A Special Message from Architectural Record



December   Workshops for Modernity: The Bauhaus Comes to Life Again at MoMA
November   Outlook 2010 Sticking to the Facts
October   Waterborne City
September   Design Sells
August   Framing the Image
July   Drawing, ca. 2009
June   Why I Tweet, and Other Digital Musings
May   Reflecting the Facts
April   Death of the Icon
March   Making the Most of It
February   Topping Out
January   Dare We Hope?



December   What a Dean Can Do
November   Making the Case
October   Making It Real
September   The Natural Edge
August   Simply Fab
July   Sichuan Earthquake and the Chinese Response
June   HQ
May   Room for All Our Talents
April   Record Houses 2008
March   What is your perception?
February   Has the boom gone bust?
January   Piano nobile



December   Shifts in the architectural climate
November   Beyond legalisms
October   Architectural diplomacy
September   Each side of the bridge
August   The last word
July   Moving On Down the Road
June   Interpretive
May   The Architectural Life
April   Here’s Your Chance
March   Move Over, Zaha
February   City of Trees
January   AIA and the Power of 10



December   The Case for Design Excellence
November   Sky High
October   Building Community
September   What We Have Learned
August   Five Distinct Dramas
July   The Essence of Education
June   What Might Have Been
May   Pasadena Hillside
April   Lightning Strike
March   Keep the Pressure On
February   A League of Our Own?
January   Reconstructing Kuwait?



December   Green and Proud of It
November   What Architects Can Do
October   Elegy for a Dream Queen
September   The View from Two Penn
August   Three Little Letters
July   Plus Ça Change
June   Super-size Me?
May   It’s in the Air
April   And in 100 Years?
March   Too Good to Lose
February   Tsunami
January   Who Won?



December   Thoroughly Modern
November   Homecomings
October   A Man Called Fay
September   New Kind of Hero
August   Beach Reading
July   That’s My Opinion
June   Neo-Memorial
May   Beyond Style
April   Great Fortune
March   Huang Yin Dao Zhong Guo!
February   Starlight
January   Hurry Up and Wait



December   Building Wisdom
November   A Musical Culmination
October   Camp Paradise
September   Facts and crystal balls
August   An Open Letter to David Childs and Daniel Libeskind
July   Otherworldly, yet familiar
June   A ballroom, a prize!
May   A private army
April   A new case
March   Whadda ya think?
February   One Out of Nine?
January   The Value of Gold



December   Another Pair of Eyes
November   Down They Come
October   A Public Advocate
September   One Year Later
August   Outside the Lines
July   A Singular Voice
June   Is Idealism Dead?
May   The Case for a Competition
April   The Security Paradox
March   Street Smarts
February   A Man Like An Oak
January   Prize Research


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