How to Submit Work for Publication

The editors at Architectural Record welcome the submission of your work for consideration. Because we enjoy the largest circulation of any architecture publication in the world, we receive a considerable volume of unsolicited work. However, we review every project submitted and offer a broad range of opportunities for publication. Below are recommendations on how to submit materials.

First read the magazine and study its various parts, so you understand what kinds of stories we run. We recommend reading a year’s worth of issues since many special sections and themed issues occur on a semi-annual or annual basis. If you wish your project to be evaluated as a general feature, make sure it ranks among those you’ve seen in recent issues of RECORD. Keep in mind that internationally only 100 projects per year make it to the pages of Architectural Record. It is better to be realistic at the outset than disappointed by unfounded expectations. You can direct your project to any of the editors listed under contact us, who will make sure the project is reviewed.

Editors use a roundtable format to review projects. The materials you send are reviewed by a group and we discuss each project's design characteristics, and possible story angles. Thus, a low-res PDF, CD, DVD, or USB flash drive containing professional photography, narrative and contact information are favored forms of presentation. We discourage hard copy submissions since we have an electronic based method of project viewing.

We will not consider material that is submitted to several publications simultaneously, with the exception of books for review, exhibitions, news, and products. In committing a project for publication as a feature, we will request exclusive first publication among our U.S. competitors.

We do not publish unsolicited manuscripts. We also discourage materials written by second-party ghostwriters or PR firms. Please also note that if you send materials unsolicited, we cannot be responsible for their condition, acknowledging their receipt, or returning them. The vast majority of feature articles in this magazine are staff written or commissioned to known freelancers. Pieces submitted by outside authors are rarely used.

Try to present the reasons your project should be of interest to our readers, and clearly present your ideas in a short, direct narrative—avoid flowery, inflated descriptions—the project will speak for itself. Target your inquiry letter by explaining why your submission should interest our readers, explaining where you think your story or project might fit in. Remember that projects must be current or recently completed. We are constantly on the lookout for good material to fill the regular sections of our magazine, such as Record News, our monthly Building Types Study, practice issues, and our technology sections.

Record News Was your firm awarded a commission that is newsworthy? Are you breaking ground on an interesting building or opening one soon? Are you managing a major competition? If so, direct your press materials to the news editor. New work must offer an interesting storyline—what is it that makes your particular building stand out? Please note that RECORD does not publish personnel changes or information about office relocations.

Building Types Study Each month the magazine and Web site feature projects of a certain type. If you wish to submit your project for consideration in one of these building categories, direct your inquiry to the individual whose name is referenced on our Web site’s Editorial Calendar. Please submit projects for potential publication six months in advance of the date the building type is to be published.

Product Briefs If you are a manufacturer of building products and have an interesting product to showcase, you should direct your inquiry to the products editor. If possible, product submissions should be sent three months prior to introduction to the market. Priority is given to previously unpublished products. We accept press releases via e-mail and regular mail. For e-mailed releases, please send only low-res images or a link to high-res images and include the text as both an attachment and in the body of the e-mail. For regular mailed releases, include a slide, transparency, glossy color photo, or CD with high-res images with a labeled color printout of the product(s). Please include a short release (no longer than a page) describing the product’s characteristics and advantages. Please make it clear on the press release where and to whose attention reader service inquiries should be directed. We ask publicists who wish to follow up on the status of their materials to do so via e-mail and not by phone.

Technology, Lighting, and Digital Practice If your project has used building technology, lighting, or digital technology in a particularly interesting way, you may direct your inquiry to the editors who oversee those areas. These people are identified by title on our Web site under contact us.

Vanguard, Record Houses and Record Interiors are published once a year; stand by for “call for entries” for these specific sections.

Additional Inquiries Books, Clifford Pearson Web-exclusive material,

If the project is accepted for publication, the editor will let you know what is expected for production purposes. Projects need to be professionally photographed and drawings need to be converted to EPS illustrator Vector files. For publication, we require a minimum of 300 dpi, 4 by 5 inches minimum-sized images and drawings with no tones, no furnishings, and no labels, Mac compatible—no CAD files please. Include scale and directional arrows. Clear, well-exposed photos of models also print well. For Web site publication, the editors will let you know what is expected.

Mailing address:

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Lastly, thank you from the editors.

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