Single Family Housing
New Orleans Prototype House Competition

Honor Award:
Michelle Jellison
Montana State University, Bozeman
John Brittingham, instructor. View entry.

Honor Award:
Amin Gilani and Josh Spoerl,
University of Texas, Arlington
Heath MacDonald and Bijan Youssefzadeh, Instructors. View entry.

Honor Award:
Zui Lig Ng
University of Houston
Rafael Longoria and Fernando Brave, instructors. View entry.

Honor Award:
Mark D. Stankey and John A. Kucharski
Montana State University, Bozeman
John Brittingham, instructor View entry.

Honor Award:
Kiduck Kim and Christian Stayner
Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
View entry.


Models from winners of the student competition for single family housing for a three-bedroom house respond to the city’s new circumstances. Entries are easy to install on an infill site, rise above flood waters, and respect the local climate and environment.

Images on the walls represent both the Kim and Stayner project, as well as ideas for rebuilding New Orleans called “What Next,” organized by the Tulane School of Architecture, and Dean Reed Kroloff.

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