Multifamily Housing
High Density on the High Ground Competition

Honor Award:
Eight Inc., San Fancisco
Tim Kobe, Doo Ho Lee, Ryoji Karube, Jeff Straesser, Jie Siang Yong, David Herman, BJ Siegel, Nathan Nagai View entry.

Honor Award:
Anderson Anderson Architecture,
San Francisco
Mark Anderson, Peter Anderson, Kylie Moss, Aaron Brumo, Alan Owings, Brent Sumida, Dennis Oshiro, Ji young Chung, Rita Sio.
View entry | Click for a video

Justin Laskin and Kathleen Mark,
University of Virginia, Charlottesville
Justin Laskin & Kathleen Mark with Maurice Cox, instructor. View entry.

Duong Bui, Erkin Özay, Pars Kibarer,
Cambridge, Mass., and Istanbul. View entry.

workshop/apd, New York City
Andrew Kotchen, Matthew Berman with Stephan Thimme, Andrew Hart, Zachary Helmers, Matthew Miller, Steven Thrasher. View entry.

Models of the winners in the professional competition for multifamily housing occupy pedestals in the middle of the room. Eight Inc. shows a horizontal slab tower with 160 units that somewhat resembles both Moshe Safdie’s Habitat and Le Corbusier’s Unité d’habitation of 1946-52 but has a lighter, more prefabricated feel. Anderson Anderson Architecture are exhibiting a more porous gridded scheme called Camel Back Shot Gun Sponge Garden.

On the walls are charts superimposed on a photograph. One explains that 1800 people lost their lives in Hurricane Katrina and 200,000–300,000 were evacuated or relocated. Another traces the costs of storms back to 1954. In general, storms have cost more each year. This chart also notes that the GNP of Ireland in 2005 was $126.4 billion—less than the cost of Katrina. Another map filled with flags shows the one hundred plus countries and numerous international relief agencies that pledged $2.3 billion in aid to New Orleans. Statistics on another map, over a picture of a man in a decontamination suit, show where deposits of lead, oil/gas/petroleum, and arsenic were deposited throughout the city.

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