Photo & Video Documentation
New Orleans after the Flood

Neil Alexander
is an architectural photographer and documentary filmmaker whose work has been published and exhibited both in the US and Europe. A resident of New Orleans for 29 years, until 2005, he is currently living outside Boston. Alexander chose to stay in New Orleans during the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina to record its effects on the city.  

Michael Goodman
is a professional photographer based in Los Angeles and New York City, who combines interests in achitecture and engineering by documenting building projects under construction. Working from helicopters and on the ground, Goodman documented the scale and scope of the hurricane's aftermath in New Orleans. Currently he is photographing construction for the Beijing 2008 Olympics and building activity in Dubai.

Alexander and Goodman's images bring the events of April 2005 back to life, concentrating on the physical ramifications of the tragedy—the impact on the land, the architecture, the vehicles, plant life, and the detritus of human existence.

Because Alexander remained in New Orleans, he was able to film the events of the storm and its immediate aftermath, and continued to chronicle the city’s attempts at recovery until its first anniversary. Excerpts from his upcoming film, An Eye in the Storm- New Orleans and Katrina Over a Year and a Day, are projected onto the floor.