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Fritz Haeg knew at a young age that he would become an architect. He believes this self-assurance is in part the reason he is now involved in so many other artistic ventures. "I feel my role has expanded, and I'm confident enough to do other things," the architect explains. Haeg can boast credentials as architect, environmental designer, artist, teacher, and now curator of Sundown Salon, a regular gathering of his friends, clients, and students for a free exchange of ideas, art, and performance.

  The setting for Sundown Salon (above) At a recent salon, "knitknit" attendees showed items they made and brought projects to work on (bellow - click image to make larger).
Photos courtesy Fritz Haeg Studio

Five years ago, Haeg moved from New York City to Los Angeles. "You can't move to L.A. without suddenly being aware of three major issues—community, art, and ecology. These issues feed off each other instead of competing with one another," he states. With the purchase of his home three years ago and a desire to bring together like-minded people who could look at innovative works being done outside the commercial realm, Haeg became founder and host of Sundown Salon.

This salon encompasses all types of art, including music, design, and dance. The theme changes for each gathering and is usually spawned by a regular attendee. Past themes have included radical gardening, knitting, and "lights, music, magic."

The architect's home, a 1980s-era geodesic dome, is a perfect venue for these events. The subterranean part of the house, "the cave," caters to live performances; there are art installations in the dome; and Haeg's extensive garden is also the setting for many of the evenings' activities.

This fall, Sundown Salon and the MAK Center will present a three-month program at the Schindler House exploring the life cycle of garments. Artists and designers will illustrate how fashion is designed, produced, and presented through workshops, lectures, and performances.

By Randi Greenberg

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