Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas

University Design-Build
A look at just a few of the many recent university design-build projects that are giving architecture students across the country real-world lessons on how buildings get made.

Photo courtesy Texas Tech University

SALTON Recreation, Aerial View

Transdisciplinary design
Once an academic outlier, transdisciplinary design went mainstream this fall. Parsons The New School for Design launched the first American degree program of the type, and curators Michael Rooks and Jonathan D. Solomon surveyed transdisciplinary design for the U.S. Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, which closes November 11. Summed up by Biennale title “Workshopping,” transdisciplinary design is highly inclusive and participatory, embracing fields as disparate as economics and public policy.

Photo courtesy SR+T Architects

Erinn McGurn

SCALEAfrica: Side project to life mission
Many emerging professionals moonlight beyond 9-5, but Erinn McGurn's side project, SCALEAfrica, a non-profit organization dedicated to building sustainable schools in Africa, became her full-time focus.

Photo courtesy SCALEAfrica

Murcutt, Hutton, Mandago

Solar Decathlon Goes Abroad
The Solar Decathlon goes to Europe this year with Madrid hosting the competition. Seventeen solar-powered residences were conceived, designed, and built by groups of students from universities around the world.

Photo courtesy Solar Decathlon

Brian Jones

Recession follow-up
In last year's March issue we profiled six emerging professionals who were laid off as the economy tanked. Encouraged by news from unemployed colleagues who recently landed new jobs and the infectious optimism in the media, we caught up with our previous subjects and polled a few others on their job situations.

Photo courtesy Morgan Mense

Jiyoun Kim

Different approaches win competition for refugee housing
A woven shelter designed by Jiyoun Kim and a lightweight structure made of prefabricated modules by Gene Kaufman shared first place in the first annual Ideas Competition organized by the AIA’s Young Architects Forum and the Committee on Design.

Photo courtesy AIA Young architects forum

American Students

Kansas to Cairo
In January, Marina Del Rey, California architect David Denton launched a Second Life–based class at USC School of Architecture alongside Cairo, Egypt-based architect Amr Attia at Ain Shams University in Cairo. Comprising eight American students and 40 young Egyptians, the group has master-planned a site nestled between the Giza pyramids and the forthcoming Grand Egyptian Museum.

Photo courtesy David Denton

Peter Janhke

Design studios, taught from afar
Conducting a design studio from afar, with webcams and video chat software, is neither common nor a trend. But it is being done, and, say those who have done it, successfully. Seattle architect Peter Jahnke just completed one at Montana State University, and he and his students argue that this kind of studio gives them a leg up to the world of global business.

Photo courtesy Peter Jahnke

Rick Sommerfeld, Rob Pyatt, Matt Jelacic

University of Colorado Design Build
The University of Colorado’s (CU) College of Architecture and Planning design/build program on campuses in Boulder and Denver has been educating students for 11 years with hands-on projects that focus on community outreach and service learning. The program has lasting effects on both the students and the community, as demonstrated by CU’s latest completed project for Urban Hens.

Photo courtesy University of Colorado Design Build

Emile Chin-Dickey; Jordan Goldman; Stephanie Horowitz, AIA; Adam Prince

Zero Energy Design
When Zero Energy Design (ZED) first hung its shingle, the partners planned to translate their second-place Solar Decathlon entry into a saleable product. But over time, ZED transitioned into custom green-home construction and renovation.

Photo courtesy ZED

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Seth Grizzle, Jon Gentry, Jonathan Junker, Graypants

Sitting in a softly lit café in New York or San Francisco, you would probably never guess that the exotic, handmade light fixture you’ve been admiring used to be a cardboard box. Repurposing discarded items into something both useful and elegant is what truly inspires the resourceful young designers of Graypants.

Photo © Sean Watson

Ian Harris and David Krantz

Archiculture, 2010
Many have mused that architecture studio would make the perfect setting for reality television: the combination of caffeine-fueled all-nighters, high stress, and unsympathetic critics is sure to produce dramatic footage. Ian Harris and David Krantz are taking this idea a step further by making a feature-length documentary about studio culture.

Photo © Meghan Roberts

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