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In the December 2002 issue of record, Sahel Al-Hiyari, an architect from Amman, Jordan, joined the ranks of the Design Vanguard. Al-Hiyari was then just beginning a one-year apprenticeship of sorts, sponsored by Rolex, during which he worked with Alvaro Siza, the Pritzker Prize­winning Portuguese architect. Read on...


Suchitra Van, the principal of Van Studio in New York City, boasts a fairly traditional architectural education and often he uses his skills in fairly traditional ways, designing apartment interiors or entering memorial competitions, just like any other architect trying to forge a career. Read on...


In early 2001, AIA Arizona obtained a lease for the second floor of a 1920s Neoclassical-style building in downtown Phoenix. The 4,400-square-foot space would serve as the organization's new headquarters, but first they needed someone to design it—for no pay. Read on...


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An intern creates a job on the side Kevin Cavenaugh has a good gig for an architecture school graduate. He's an intern at Fletcher Farr Ayotte (FFA), a busy and established firm in Portland, Oregon. As an intern, he can't sign off on his own projects, and by his own admittance, there are "people higher up on the totem pole." Read on...


Marisa Angell, a doctoral candidate in architectural history at Yale, was in Berlin "doing some language work," she noted, but she also intended to go out and see the architecture of the city. Read on...


Young architects seeking work abroad are doing so for more than just the lure of ancient streets and an attraction to different cultures. For those just out of graduate school, it's a shot at being a part of an exciting project before age 40. Read on...


Working for a private firm that produced high-end hotels, Jamie Blosser found herself "discouraged by the overall profit motive" and unfulfilled by her profession. So, when a friend mentioned an ad she’d seen for the Frederick P. Rose Architectural Fellowship, Blosser, 33, decided to investigate. Read on...



Sometimes, when an architectural firm is just starting out, the completion of actual architecture relies on the kindness of friends: friends who are willing to take a risk on unproven designers, but who are, unfortunately, unwilling to pay. Read on...


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