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Hotel Pro Forma


The following cations refer to the photos above.

This guest map shows some possible "itineraries" through variable commercial zones, creating what nARCHITECTS calls, "the art house/hotel as a responsive matrix of services:"

Room and lobby floors alternate in a vertical sequence to produce a sectional multiplication of a hotel, dispersing arrival, check-in, and departure functions.

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Within the cohesive block master plan, the building makes connections to several layers of the surrounding site: the plaza, the bus-stop, and the elevated metro.

The intertwining of hotel and performance space accommodates a spectrum of adaptability: spectator/performance relationships can blur in the spaces.

Site Plan. Lobby 1 is conceived by the architects as an extension of the public plaza, an open foyer with urban amenities from subway passes to staged performances.

Room 1 and Lobby 2 Plans. Separating the lobbies are tightly packed structural room floors which accommodate both the building’s infrastructure and a matrix of rentable rooms, creating varying adjacencies between users and guests.

Lobby 3 and Lobby 4 Plans.

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