Next Steps, Hard Choices
A Proposal for Lower Manhattan

Craig Whitaker Architects

With the intense scrutiny that has been focused on the site of the World Trade Center in the last 13 months, it would be foolhardy to suggest that any one person knows that site better than any other. Certainly the managers of the deconstruction job that recently finished are intimately aware of the site’s intricacies, even more so than many of the architects who have presented plans for the area’s renewal. But many of those plans suddenly seem disconcertingly naïve when subjected to the scrutiny suggested by Craig Whitaker, an architect, urban planner and an adjunct professor of urban planning at New York University. In fact, “architecture” may be several steps away.

Whitaker, with the help of students and the staff at Craig Whitaker Architects, undertook a months-long study of the planning issues that face potential World Trade Center designers before anything else can be done. The following pages present a brief precis of Whitaker’s study, which is entitled ‘Next Steps, Hard Choices,’ as well as an in-depth interview with Whitaker about those next steps in the design process.

In the Cause of Architecture interviewed Mr. Whitaker, and also presents a summary and excerpts from the text.

An interview  with Craig Whitaker by Kevin Lerner.

Excerpts: Next Steps, Hard Choices: A Proposal for Lower Manhattan. This entire report is available as a zipped PDF file at:


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Posted 10/02